Towards the Organization of the Future: New Business Leaders


By: Chiara Ortiz 

General Manager of Talent Hub


Nuevos Líderes empresariales

El mundo avanza a pasos agigantados, y los Nuevos Líderes empresariales tienen un enorme desafío ante este crecimiento veloz que tiene el mismo en todo sentido, tanto social, económico, político, entre otros; este desafío no se trata más que mantenerse competitivos, con un crecimiento rentable en todo este remolino de cambios constantes.

Companies and therefore their leaders, must know how to make constant changes that go according to these times, that is to say, to flow with the current disruptive world.

In the past, companies almost never took the time to review their strategies; today, the company that does not do this, that does not adapt to the changes, that does not implement new strategies according to the current times, to today's circumstances, is left behind in this great business race.

Of course, there is a great tension in all this whirlwind of changes, between defining what the company needs, being aware of what the competition is doing, generating new and better strategies and adapting and applying them internally to generate good results, it is certainly exhausting, but truly necessary.

Riesgos y factores de oportunidad

A true business leader must know how to identify risks and opportunity factors and, with good foresight, propose and execute innovative strategies that are implemented quickly, in order to always be at the forefront and at the same accelerated pace of growth and progress as the world today.

We could say that this is a race of who is more agile, fast and innovative as a leader and for this, it is essential to be accompanied by an excellent team, with the same central idea of generating proposals in line with the constant changes.

This COVID 19 crisis, faced by the whole world, forced many companies to rethink their processes, work formats and procedures they had been using.

With the social distancing, new channels of communication and work had to be adopted, all towards digital; then we can affirm, with great conviction, that transformation is the key to survive, so the role of leaders as agents of change is INDISPENSABLE.

Confianza, seguridad y bienestar

Creating a work environment conducive to innovation, with an organizational culture based on good practices for its employees, generating confidence, security and welfare, is vital for a pleasant and fertile climate to create, implement and maintain all the tools, so that the company is maintained in these times of change and global acceleration.

With all this, the concept of "Organizational Resilience" was created, which refers to the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare and adapt to both changes and problems, in order to survive this time of global transformation.

As we know, the Covid 19 pandemic has radically altered the global business landscape. World Bank data from surveys conducted in more than 60 countries indicate that a quarter of companies saw their sales drop by 50%, nearly 65% of companies had to adjust their payroll by reducing fees or salaries, and 11% lost staff.

This crisis affected all industries and all aspects of our lives around the world, with our eyes on Health, Job Security, Education Disruption, Financial Stress, are issues that we cannot simply ignore because of the emotional consequences that they entail, and that show us that a real change in the way we lead is required.

Un nuevo modelo a seguir

This pandemic has introduced a new model to follow when recruiting team leaders, which must be those with well-developed "Soft Skills"as” because they will be the ones who will lead companies to stay at the top.

These leaders must be transparent, and with Inteligencia Emocional as an indispensable tool for this forward-looking mission. A leader with a sharp vision to see the opportunities, with the ability to resist and overcome sudden changes and an ability to adapt to changes and face the challenges that come, those would be in short, the main characteristics that the person who will take the helm of a company must have, that although he cannot foresee many of the changes that may come in the future, if he has the sense to visualize some and at the same time be prepared and willing to execute organizational changes according to each challenge that life presents him.

Now, if we dare to have a Post Covid vision, experts say that it will be essential to advance in the digital transformation of businesses, without affecting, of course, its operation.

The world is driven by technology, which has evolved enormously and has become the backbone of almost all companies.

This, together with a good business leader who understands this transformation and who can move the company forward in this direction, is undoubtedly a bet to win in order to survive in these times.


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