What is Employment Branding and what role does it play in attracting talent?


By: Chiara Ortiz 

General Manager of Talent Hub


Employment Branding is the term to talk about the strategy to build the image or brand of a company. It is well known that a company that is well recognized as a good employer, is something that will favorably affect the perception that customers have of it; here the ultimate goal is not the customers, but the employees.

We could say then, that Employment Branding is the strategy to make a company attractive, that can attract good talent and retain it over time.

This is why we can see the importance of the Human Resources area in an organization; it is the link between the company and the employees.

Now, of course, this concept requires the participation of all the other departments that make up the company. The "Employment Branding" is something that has to be worked, from the publications of the vacancies, the way of interacting with the candidates, what is offered, the different benefits to the employees, apart from the salary, among others. The main thing is that the company is perceived by the employees themselves as a good place to work.

Of course, this is not something that can be implemented and measured overnight, it is a long-term project, where the values on which the business is focused must be established and defined, but it is not something impossible to achieve, it can be planned, developed and structured.

And here it is important to evaluate the aspects that must be analyzed and worked on in this concept, aspects that I will now list:

  1. The strategy must be planned. The state of the entire organization must be analyzed, the steps to follow must be established, objectives and an action plan must be proposed, all this in terms of branding.
  2. The company's presence in social networks must be taken care of.
  3. Take care of the corporate image and values.
  4. Take care of the internal talent, the employees; offering them benefits that may be attractive to them.

Now, how will all this benefit a company? Well, it should be noted that the benefits are many, more loyal and grateful employees who will perform better in their jobs, in addition to reducing staff turnover, which ultimately brings costs to the company and even problems of information leakage among others, all that entails the constant entry and exit of workers.

People are the most valuable resource of any company, since your employees are the voice of your company, they are the best ambassadors, they will talk about the internal culture, and the atmosphere that is lived day after day within the company. A happy employee will not only perform better in their work, but will be a correspondent who will speak well of their workplace, of the company.